Jan Steinhilber



I've always been fascinated by fog. Not so much because it is scary or spooky, but more because of it's visual effects.

It can make you focus on things or shapes you'd never even notice in sunlight. It can lead your view, and enhance details because others are lost.

And it is a great means of image composition.

This is an ongoing Project, so from time to time you might find new images in this gallery.



This is a Project we've been working on between 2009 and 2011.

We shot at different places all over northern germany and in my own studio to get a wide variety of different predatory birds that are used for hunting or flight shows.
I first became fascinated with birds when I shot living birds for an advertising campaign a couple of years ago.
These animals are so different and so far away from what we are. And they seem to look at you as if they knew this. Even though there is a kind of a relationship between them and their trainers, it's totally different compared to the relationship between dogs and their holders, for example.

When I look at the Images, i am always amazed how perfect these creatures are 'designed' by nature, in terms of functuality but also in terms of aesthetics.

Cabo Verde


This small group of volcanic island is located in the middle of the atlantic ocean between Dakar/Senegal and Brasil. In 2008 we've been travelling these Isands for 4 weeks, carrying a large format camera over steep hiking trails and through dusty deserts.

I hardly ever took my camera to places more remote and harder to reach than on this trip. No griptruck, no equipment van, just walking for hours with the camera on the back to reach the perfect spot.



I've been working on this campaign for camel cigarettes for almost four years.

During that time, the account went from Saatchi Milan to Draft FCB and the client in charge changed two times.
The visuals developed from studio still life shots to complex outdoor sceneries in all sorts of different light involving more and more talent with every pool of images we did.

I have learned so much and won so much experience with this campaign that i think it still deserves a place on this website.